Quiet Time Pottering

I deliberately took 5 consecutive week’s holiday from work because I felt an overwhelming need to totally disengage. Sometimes a week or two just does not seem long enough. On a shorter break, I would find my mind slipping back to this problem or that and relaxation would be elusive. I have to say that when I received my mail after being away for two weeks and had received notification of a medical appointment on my second day back, I rang my manager to confirm with her that the timing was convenient. With trepidation, I asked, “How’s everything going there?”, all the while in my mind saying, “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me…” And she didn’t. She gave me that all-encompassing, “Fine” which could mean anything or nothing at all. (Thanks L, perfect answer) It got me thinking that before embracing awesome, I would have spent an hour cataloguing my team and wondering what they may be up to. Yesterday, I took the ‘fine’ on face value and moved back into holiday mode. I realised that is a conscious decision and one I must continue to embrace. No more letting my mind run into fanciful dramatisations!

For the next few days I will be at home pottering until I head down to Canberra and Sydney to help my husband G with his move and the transition into his new job. It’s hardly a quiet time with two boomerang children (and one gorgeous partner) currently on the boomerang back into my household. I love having ¾ of the family in residence together, pity we won’t make it 100% even for a day or two. G will now not be back in Brisbane until Christmas by which time S & C will hopefully be moved into the new house that they are building. The lack of altogether time is a price that we pay for our chosen lifestyle.

I love how my children have grown. I love and admire the people that they have become. It is a privilege to spend time with them. Today I am thankful for my children and the joy that they bring.   

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