Well today is my birthday and I am 55 or, as one of my team pointed out last week, eligible for parole! Twelve months ago, before accepting awesome, I would have to say that all 55 would have felt like was old; today I am celebrating 55 years young with gusto!

Last night G cooked an absolutely sumptuous dinner for the whole family including my brother A and his lovely lady, D. What a lovely evening. The food was spectacular, wine outstanding and both were eclipsed by the company. Family gatherings are one of my very favourite pass times. I love the banter and the feelings of unconditional love. I foolishly said last night that I felt privileged to have the 7 most important people in my life all together with me on my birthday. That prompted S to point out to his sister, L, that Crash, who was lying close by, was clearly one of the 7 which meant that she wasn’t. Yes, I love my family dearly.

Today was supposed to be a day at the beach but G and L’s new partner, J, were still partying at 3:30AM, so I am guessing we may not get there. That’s absolutely fine as G has not spent any time in J’s company and I am very pleased that they got to know each other. In addition, G, who rarely indulges in alcohol in any quantity, worked so hard to put on my dinner that it was great to see him let his hair down (odd choice of words, he doesn’t have any hair!)

I continue to go from strength to strength on the road to awesome. I mentioned last post that I had committed never to jog again. I have decided to take a different tack and improve my core strength so that I can do whatever I want to. I am up to day 5 of a 30 day planking challenge; that is starting with a 20 second plank and increasing slowly over 30 days to 4½ minutes. It is quite amazing but I can already see and feel results. I do suspect though that my 30 day challenge may be more like a 90 day challenge as I won’t keep increasing if it starts to hurt! Interestingly, in my previous life as a teletubbie, I would never had laid on the floor for fear that I may not be able to get back up. A friend suggested I try yoga so maybe I’ll give that a go too.  

I am acutely aware that depression can return at any time and I really believe that once you have had it, you can never consider yourself recovered only controlled. I also believe that having been there heightens my enjoyment of life now and my overwhelming thankfulness for where I now am.

I am looking forward with anticipation to the next 55 years!

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