The Power of Doing!

After two weeks of ‘doing’ in Tasmania, I was feeling a little melancholy yesterday to be back in Brisbane and in my own company. I found that quite interesting given that I was finding it hard to be around people all the time in Tassie.

I took delivery of my Thermomix yesterday so it is not as if I had nothing to keep me entertained. It was a very warm and humid day so I spent most of the day inside with the air conditioner on creating culinary masterpieces. Interestingly, I must have significant ‘male genes’ as, instead of following the recipes, I used my own recipes and played. I had fun! I will however go back now and use some of the recommended recipes so that I can learn to make full use of my new kitchen appliance.

Anyway, come evening, I stopped with the Thermomixing because, being alone for the weekend, I could not justify cooking any more food and I sat down to the television. I knew that I was not feeling great because I was feeling extremely irritable. Now when I get irritable, I am not a nice person to be around. I was not enjoying my company at all! After doing some ‘bear-like’ prowling I decided that the best course of action was action. So I spent the evening cleaning. I now have clean and tidy pot and bake ware cupboards and I also washed a couple of walls.

I was surprised at how good I could feel just by doing. So my message to myself for today is that when I feel the fog descending, fight it; don’t wallow; just do it, and I mean anything!  Interestingly, before accepting awesome, there is no way that I would even have been able to contemplate making myself ‘do’ when I was down. It is very true that until I could be there for myself, depression was going to win every time.

Today I am thankful for my gorgeous boy, Crash, who is now saying to me, “Stop writing about doing, we need to get out there and just do it!” I feel a walk coming on!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Doing!

  1. Maybe the “doing” and going for a good walk are interchangeable. Certainly a brisk walk can always help my mood, but perhaps substituting spring cleaning would have the same beneficial effect, with the bonus of that wonderful feeling of virtue which results from a tidy cupboard 😉

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