My Inner Child

Last time I wrote I said that I had discovered that I could jog… And jog I did…. Three times to be accurate, last Friday, Saturday and Monday. By Monday afternoon I realised that every joint in my body was unhappy with me. For the most part I have been forgiven. I still have twinges in my back and my toes, they are still extremely painful. Note to self – just because you can jog, does not mean that you should. So like all sensible people would, I downloaded the ‘Chariots of Fire’ ringtone for my phone and told myself to act my age and be sensible.

Well, since then I’ve had a few opportunities to act my age and sadly….. My first opportunity was when I was swimming with my husband G. Now G and I have always been a tad competitive and when he started swimming butterfly, I thought, “I can do that.” We then progressed on to doing multiple tumble turns. Now this body has been sedentary for a very extended time frame. Why can’t I just be kind to it?

The answer to that question is that I have a highly developed relationship with my inner child. Today I had one of life’s outstanding days with my brother, A and his lovely lady, D. We spent the day on the water, boating, swimming, walking, kayaking and then out came the tube! All sense told me that it was a bad idea; sore back, dodgy joints, why would I think that tubing behind a high powered boat was a smart thing to do? As adult me tried desperately to get a grip on the situation, my inner child spoke up, “Hello, of course I want a go.” And, it was AWESOME!

I’ve been thinking since then about the times that my inner child has overwhelmed the responsible adult in me; sometimes it’s just been funny, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes it has elicited strong feelings of ,”I really can’t believe I did that.”

I have a friend G who is probably as in touch with her inner child as I am. I love time in her company. We are friends because our young daughters were one time friends at school. Since the girls have grown through that time of not being so close into adulthood, we get together for meals and to reminisce. I remember a time when G and I took the girls and our sons to a waterpark as a holiday treat. The girls were teenagers and as is the way with teenage girls, they caught the attention of a group of teenage boys. They were in line for a ride and one of the boys looked over and said something along the lines of, “Look at those old ladies squealing their way down the speed slide.” L said that she and her friend, A, looked at each other and then fessed up that the old ladies were their mothers.

Sometime into my children’s adolescence I realised what sport it was to embarrass them and now that they are grown, I am pleased to say that they look back at things that we did as memorable.  I used to slam dunk the groceries into the trolley when I shopped with either of the children. L told me recently that she has taught her partner to do the same. I remember when L and S were about 16 and 14 that I ‘flew’ up the main street of Surfer’s Paradise singing “I love aeroplane jelly.” At the time they appeared mortified but now they say it was awesome.

My son once took me for a ride in a shopping trolley. He would have been 18 at the time and that would have been funny if only I could have gotten out.  He and his girlfriend laughed so hard!

Sometimes my inner child is just downright embarrassing. We were out to dinner, again with my friend G and her family and my son asked me to pass the sugar down a very long table. My inner child lobbed it down the length of the table. Unfortunately aim is not my strong point and it landed in the pasta dish of a rather reserved and unamused lady on the next table. Sometimes I wish my inner child would think first and just not. But my inner child is not known for restraint.

As my muscles start to stiffen from the unaccustomed workout of tubing, I say to my inner child, “Never, never, never grow up!”    

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