Tasmania Day 2

Tasmania never fails to deliver when it comes to weather surprises. Having been lulled into a false sense of security after yesterday’s 27 degrees, today at 13 degrees was not funny! In fact freezing springs to mind. We took G’s father on a trip down memory lane to Bothwell and Hamilton, both parts of his childhood. I sat in the back while G and his father reconnected as they always do. I love listening to their comfortable camaraderie. Having lost my parents in 1980 and 1998, I have absolute respect for and hold the relationship between G and his father with a reverence that makes time in the company of them together both a privilege and a pleasure.

The countryside, even in the rain and mist was spectacular; very, very green with rolling hills and lush farm land. The scenery was picture perfect. We stopped off at Hamilton for afternoon tea and then meandered back to Hobart via Bothwell. The tea house at Hamilton was the original coach house from 1830 and had an old world charm about it that was endearing. The open fire was welcoming and warming. There was also a gallery next door that boasted beautiful Tasmanian timber handicrafts. The quality of handmade Tasmanian merchandise never ceases to amaze me. That together with world class food and wine and absolutely spectacular scenery gives Tasmania much to recommend it.

Tomorrow we are off to Zoodoo, a wildlife park, with G’s dad and then proceeding to Oatlands for lunch. Looking forward to spending some more time with G and his dad; really hope that it is just a tad warmer than today!

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