Tasmania Day 3

Another day of rain, cold and wind. Took G’s dad and went to Zoodo at his request. G & I have been somewhat spoiled when it comes to animals having seen them in their natural habitats on various continents. So zoos are not really a high priority for us. I have to say however that as an educational experience, the owners/designers of Zoodo have done rather a good job. There were educational feeding sessions for a number of the animals. I was particularly taken with the meerkats, not having seen them in person before today. There were a number of albino wallabies baby white lions and of course the Tassie devils never fail to provide a laugh. L’s dog, Beo, a bull terrier chases his tail and then has ‘mad minutes’ where he runs at full speed; there was one Tasmanian devil that was doing exactly the same thing in its enclosure. It was very wet, very cold and this devil was running around oblivious to it all. We then proceeded on to Oatlands for lunch (scallop pie – yum!!) and then back to Hobart.

I have felt over the years a strong pull to come back to Tasmania to live. Having left in 1992, the attraction to come back gets stronger rather than weaker as time goes on. We have come back much more often over the past few years and thoroughly enjoy catching up with old friends. This trip is the first for many that we have felt the brunt of Tasmania’s coldest weather and I have to say that maybe it is more attractive to continue coming back to visit. Having become accustomed to the warmer weather, the cold reaches right down to the bones.

I often think that wanting to move back to Tasmania is a part of my tendency to want what I don’t have. In reality I think I would find it impossible to leave the children (even though they are adults). I respect their right to move and in fact delight in their independent adventures. But the prospect of packing up and moving away from where we chose to raise them is somewhat incomprehensible.

Off to Salamanca Market tomorrow; one of my very favourite things to do in Tasmania and then off to Launceston to catch up with friends. Tomorrow will be a great day. Hoping for a few more degrees and a little less rain and wind than today!

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