Seaside and Friendship

Yesterday was a lovely day on many levels.

I swam in the sea. Now this should not be unusual for a Queenslander who lives less than an hour from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world; it has been. I haven’t swum in the sea for at least the last couple of years. I have always swum frequently in our pool but as I grew larger and more depressed I stayed out of the sea.

There were multiple reasons for this. In the depths of depression, my organisational skills were such that I found it almost impossible to get myself organised to do anything I didn’t have to. When I was larger I had extreme issues with balance. Many everyday tasks were a huge challenge and being buffeted by the water was a terrifying prospect. Energy – I just did not have the energy for anything.

The sea is healing. There is no doubt that the magic of the sea is healing to the soul. Yesterday the sea had a brilliant balance of crystal clear water, crisp coolness and gently rolling waves. By virtue of the arrival of a storm our visit to the beach was quite brief but it was long enough for me to know that this summer I will be keeping a promise to myself – to visit the beach regularly, immerse myself in the healing waters and enjoy!

I went to the beach to visit my friend G who is house-sitting. G came into my life when we first moved to Brisbane. She is one of the great people that my children introduced into our lives. Now, as a parent I have met many lovely people; some come and go; some, like G stayed. We started as friends while navigating the mine-field of raising children. We shared the joys, the heartbreaks and the angst. G is a stunning example to everyone in her life. She is eternally sunny and thankful for her blessings. It is a privilege to spend time with G. We spent yesterday catching up on each other’s and our children’s news and just generally enjoying each other’s company.

Mental note: a day at the beach in the company of a lovely friend = a really great day!