A Very Happy Holiday Season

Well 2103 is drawing to a close. I have to say that I enjoyed this Christmas much, much more than I have enjoyed Christmas for many years. Purely and simply, the contentment of this Christmas came from within. It would not have mattered what I had done any of the years I spent in the fog, Christmas never really shone. This was by anyone’s estimation a quiet one. We did the extended family Christmas thing on December 20th, had the five of us (immediate family) on Christmas Eve and then went our separate ways after breakfast on Christmas day. G, L and I spent most of the day mooching. There was an afternoon nap, a swim, a get together with the neighbours when all of their family commitments were done. All in all, an unremarkable day, but for me, a very happy one.

As a perfectionist, I have always found Christmas to be one of the hardest times of year. There is an overwhelming need to do just one more thing to make the day perfect for everyone around. My house has always been and still is decorated to the hilt. I have not gone anywhere near Christmas shops this year, which means the addition of no more to the Christmas stash. I am pleased with myself about that. Going further and further with the decorations was always along the lines of, “I’ll be happy if I do just a little more.” Not surprisingly, this year, I am happy with just a little less!

Our family bounces off each other. It is not so much a game of one-upmanship as that we have always challenged each other to be the best people that we can be. I love spending time in the company of the whole family. Sadly L’s partner J was working Christmas and we have not yet caught up with him but the greatest gift I got this Christmas was time spent in the company of the rest of the family. Life is complete when everyone is together! I always get excited when I see a group text come through. Everyone is included. We may be sharing something good, something funny, something stressful; rest assured that once the family has deconstructed the topic of the group text, we will all be laughing, and quite probably be way away from the initial topic.

I wrote previously about the traumatic events between L’s dog and mine while I was away in Sydney on holidays. When I came back, I came back to a house that was very, very distressed and overwhelmingly sad. The sadness was palpable; not just L and I, but S and C as well. They were integral to getting Crash off to the vet and C was the only family member to witness the attack. L and I shed many tears together and I was very worried about L as she beat herself up going back through every aspect of her life’s decisions that had Beo join our family as a rescue dog. However, now we appear to be all moving on, which is a relief. Crash was initially clingy but is now returning to his old self. He is a little less secure when I walk him but twice today, we met other dogs who jumped at him in their enthusiastic greetings. A week or two ago, Crash would have responded as a cowering mess; today, his head bowed slightly but his tail kept wagging. Yes, we are all moving on.

I have gained just over a kilo this holiday season. I guess I should not be surprised given that I have basically eaten my body weight in chocolate, well not quite but I still do not do moderation in chocolate at all well. I have gone back to drinking alcohol, though not nearly as much as I did before. My ‘off button’ is still somewhat faulty with alcohol. I never stop at just one drink. In the New Year, chocolate and alcohol will become banned food groups again. Put simply. I like myself better when I don’t drink. I feel healthier and hate the fact that once I start, stopping is not so easy. I also want to lose a little more weight and cement in this year’s healthier life style.

I went with L to the post-Christmas sales. We bought what we intended to and did not stay much beyond the time required to do so. L really does not like people all that much (her words) and finds the crowded shopping centres claustrophobic. I on the other hand love people but I too found the crowded shops claustrophobic. I picked up a bag that I intended to buy and put it down only to have it ripped from under my nose. L looked scathingly at me and indicated that I really needed to learn the rules of the Boxing Day sales. About then, I decided it was time to call it a day.

I did buy some exercise gear from Lorna Jane. Now my exercise is only walking but I have to say that when I put my Lorna Jane’s on, I feel like I can fly. I was somewhat perturbed about my choices (the top gives me a cleavage and I haven’t seen that for many years!). However today, the second day that I have worn my Lorna Jane’s, I came to the realisation that I have earned the right to wear them by losing the weight that I have this year. I actually did my walk faster in my Lorna Jane’s than in my ordinary clothes – clearly magic!

Well to you and yours, I wish a happy and prosperous New Year. I have no idea what 2014 will bring my way but I am looking forward to embracing it with open arms. Life is good, no great!

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