Spending today in Newcastle while G works. Have found a park by the water to write this. This really is a surprisingly lovely place. There is a breeze that is really quite cool. I am hoping that it will die down later as a swim beckons. The majority of the swimmers at present have wetsuits on so maybe after lunch.

Feeling incredibly sad about the events in our zoo. I really loved Beo and am sure that something went wrong to cause him to snap the way that he did. I know that L is doing it tough; she said today that she was both physically and emotionally exhausted. I am looking forward to being able to give her a hug on Sunday. Crash has gone to work with L today. She works at a university and he will get loads of attention. She just texted to say that she is working today on her laptop sitting on the floor so that he feels safe. I hope that he doesn’t get too used to this molly coddling! Crash was the ‘star’ patient at our vet yesterday and made it to their Facebook page. He is such a tart; I guess that media tart is just one step up from his normal behaviour. He is such a gentle, placid dog. I hope that the attack has not scarred his personality. At the moment, he is having trouble sitting or lying without assistance so L will spend her day at his bidding.

I am about to embark on a foreshore walk to get in a little exercise. Though in total I have had plenty of exercise while on holidays, actual planned exercise has been limited. Walking always has the capacity to lift the spirits and I think that just now, it’s what I need.

I don’t have a lot to say today; I always find it harder to write when I am feeling down. This however is a down mood for a very legitimate reason and I know that I will not feel this way forever. I am very pleased that I can accept today’s feelings as I have mentioned before, I had considered my depression to be very black and white; that is, I had felt that if I was sad I was depressed. There is a very distinct difference. This sadness does not come with fog in tow. I guess that only a person who has lived with depression would understand that statement. It is however very important to me to make this differentiation as otherwise, I would consider today to be a set-back.

Out of the corner of my eye, I just caught sight of a tiny white dog sitting on the back of a motor scooter behind its rider. I am not sure about the safety aspect but it certainly brings a smile to my eyes.

Walking along with some photography beckons: I am looking forward to seeing what I can see!

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