Reflection on the Move

So, move completed and life has returned to calm; I can’t say normal because I guess that our living arrangements, if not abnormal are at best unusual. G found out at the last moment that he had to be in Newcastle for 0900 Monday rather than Sydney so, rather than take the 0600 train, we decided to make an evening of it and stayed in Newcastle overnight on Sunday. We stayed at accommodation on the beach, walked on the beach and enjoyed a lovely meal. I was surprised by Newcastle (bear in mind I’ve only seen the seaside part). I thought previously that Newcastle was a very industrial city with little to recommend it. How wrong was I? The beach was sensational! The beach had a ‘romance novel feel’ to it, complete with cliffs overlooking the sea. The water was lovely. I was tempted to swim but it was quite rough and I did not wish to become a ‘rescue operation’ for the young surf life savers so I paddled and took photos instead. We ate at Jonah’s By the Sea and enjoyed an outstanding meal, albeit expensive.

I am feeling much better now that G has completed his first day. He came home with a new car, new phone, new computer… I am guessing it felt like Christmas for him. He is happy and comfortable with all of his colleagues and is setting off over the next few weeks to meet as many people as possible. Today I cannot imagine why I was so stressed by this process. It seems to me that it is in my nature to manufacture stress where none exists. This is both self-destructive and very annoying but I am not sure, at this stage, how to stop myself from doing it. I am aware that it is a part of my make up to take on the stressors of those close to me. I not only do it with my family and those that I love, I also do it with my work colleagues. When they have something bad happening in their lives or even more particularly they are being less than awesome to each other, I get stressed. I get more stressed by their behaviour towards each other than by anything they could ever say or do to me. Hmmm, I need to learn to balance empathy with self-preservation. Though I have always been aware of my reactions to those around me, this past few days has made it very clear to me that I need to react far less to things over which I have no control.  

I am looking forward to the next few days of cooking dinner and ironing G’s shirts. Over the last 10 or so years, ‘doing’ for each other has not been a part of our routines. Though we are always there for each other emotionally and by phone, actual physical presence has been rare.

Back in Sydney today, I am looking forward to doing some walking. I am staying virtually under the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the north shore so will walk across the bridge and drink in the lovely atmosphere of The Rocks. I love the history and the olde world feel of The Rocks. Obviously the traffic makes it very clear that the time is present but it is easy to transport myself back to times past.

Time for moving, there is doing to be done!

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