Short post today, I’m off to Canberra and have not yet packed or got anything organised. The words, ‘Just Do It’ spring to mind.

I am off to Canberra to help my husband, G, move to Sydney and his new job; yesterday he submitted his PhD thesis. These are clearly two very big life events and I am immensely proud of him on both accounts. I have before described him as my ballast. I find it stressful when my ballast is experiencing turbulent water. I am thankful that for him, the turbulence will quickly pass. As he has described over the last few weeks – starting things and then jumping to something else, finding it hard to focus and feeling generally unwell with stress, I had to say, “Welcome to my world!” I am so glad to be going to him to support him as he has supported me over the years of my depression.

Now, yesterday’s other good news: Princess Lily Flippers (the second) arrived safely via Australia Post. Those of you who follow my blog will know that I have been sweating on her arrival since the original Princess Lily Flippers ran amok and extended her holiday in Tasmania.

Must move, I need to pack for Canberra and Sydney!




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