Ten Things I Love About Queensland

Having waxed lyrical about Tasmania and the important people in my life who live there, I have decided it’s time to share what is good about Queensland. It’s time to stop and smell the roses, my roses, the ones that I get to appreciate every day.

I love my children more than life itself. They both call Queensland home and when I am in Queensland, they are nearby.

I love my awesome network of ‘Brissie’ friends. Most of you, had I never moved to Queensland, would not be a part of my life and I am thankful, daily, to have you in my life. Now time to move onto the place…

1. I love winter in Queensland. I love the cool crispness of the mornings and the warmth of the winter sun on my shoulders.

2. I love the sea. I live an hour’s drive away from some of the most stunning beaches in the world. I love to immerse myself in the sea. I love to see it, hear it, smell it, feel it, taste it and just be around it. My parent’s ashes were scattered in the sea (in Tasmania). When I am near the sea, they are nearby.

3. I love storms. I love the sound and light show that brings in the afternoon wet. I love the anticipation between lightning and thunder and the racing heart when the thunder is overhead. I love walking in warm rain! (Don’t get me wrong. We have suffered storm damage. Mother Nature, you need to be sensible with this one!)

4. I love jacarandas in flower. Jacaranda purple is the most glorious colour. I love trees in bloom and walking on a carpet of fallen flowers.

5. I love the smell of frangipani after rain. This smell, to me, represents tropical holidays. I am privileged to be able to smell frangipanis daily in season with several in my own yard.

6. I love flame trees.

7. I love the time of year, this time, when poincianas flower.

8. I love the bird-life. I love cockatoos with their demanding squawk, parakeets with their incessant chatter. I love the timid pale faces who come out only in the absence of their noisier relatives. What a privilege when they do appear.

9. I love the wildlife. We have bush reserve behind our home. Quite often I look over to see a kangaroo looking back at me. I gaze the gum trees for a koala but have never seen one. My son has, or so he says…. I love the non-venomous snakes; pythons and tree snakes. I love the cicadas as they herald nightfall.

10. I love fresh tropical fruit ripened by nature, served natural; mangoes and pineapple especially.

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