Tasmania – Homeward Bound

I have awoken at 0630 on my last day in Tasmania on this particular holiday. Tasmania is always a place to which I know I will return so there is never that desperate, “Just one more…” like there sometimes is on holidays. 0630 is a sleep in in Queensland but is a much more uncommon time in the Tasmania I have enjoyed for the last 2 weeks. The heat in Queensland demands that all living and doing is done early in the morning before the heat of the day sets in. Here, particularly on this trip, we wait until the day brings a degree of warmth.

Having been away for just more than 2 weeks it’s time to go home. I am looking forward to seeing my children and my fur family. No matter how comfortable the home of my lovely hosts, I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning in my own bed in my own home.

The rain this morning is constant, not heavy but much more constant than any day since I arrived. My daughter L and the daily storm warning texts that I have received since I have been here tell me that Queensland is stormy, humid, uncomfortable and unpleasant. I have to say that I relish the stormy sound and light shows of the Queensland summer but often they arrive in conjunction with damaging winds and volumes of water that leave a path of destruction. L & S tell me that until now we have personally had no damage. I hope it stays that way!

Yesterday I caught up with two friends, both C‘s. The first C was a colleague when I first started work in 1978 and later became my supervisor. We have been friends since that time and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her and her husband. They have their own piece of water frontage onto the river at Perth. Her husband A is quite frail and spends much time surveying the river from a lovely sunroom that overlooks the river. One thing that I like most and admire greatly about C and A is that they delight in their surroundings and are truly grateful for their their lives. It makes time in their company a privilege.

My second C has been my best friend since the first day of grade 1 where we discovered that we lived in the same street, 7 house numbers apart. I caught up with her, her husband, father and his partner, daughter and her partner and grandson. They are privileged to have an extended family of this nature. By any definition her father is an older man but he is sharp, energetic, fitter than I am by far and inspirational. In my new found fitness, I aspire to an old age like his! C and I have shared memories and time spent in her company always beings out ‘Remember When’ stories. As Tasmanian business people it was interesting, quite sad really to hear them speak of the downturn in the Tasmanian economy. I have made comment here before about the fact that Tasmania’s green policies have kept Tasmania as the place I grew up; their picture is much more bleak. They are blessed to have made strong decisions but the picture they paint is not one of a great future for Tasmanian enterprises. I find that very sad.

Today is as I said, my last day. I look forward to spending the morning with my hostess, L. I am then taking her to lunch at Josef Chromy Winery with another friend L. This is one place that I love to visit. I am hoping that the rain stops long enough for just one or two photos.   

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