Tasmania Day 16, Final Full Day

So the question of the day is, “How is this day 16, when I have been here for two weeks exactly? Clearly holidaying is not an exact science and who really cares anyway? I am comfortable in my decision to allow this to be day 16. It makes my holiday seem longer.

I have once again gone to the Cataract Gorge as I have enjoyed my visits there immensely. This time, I am alone. I am enjoying a hot chocolate at the café and am enjoying the company of my friends the peacocks. Not daring to come here without my camera, I have been rewarded with a private viewing from one of the young males. They are such a stunning photographic subject. As I drink my hot chocolate (it’s cold again today), there is another bird strutting its stuff and at least a dozen Asian tourists have converged. Most Asian tourists do not have the same personal space expectations as westerners and have to be a part of all of their holiday snaps. I am thankful for my previous private viewing but am thoroughly enjoying people watching around this group. What a blessing this place is. Those of you who are locals owe it to yourselves to come here. It is sad that one must go away to come back and truly appreciate what is here.

I have spent time most days since I have been here alone in cafés. I marvel at the fact that I have been most alone during this break in public places. I love my friends dearly and have enjoyed their company immensely but having lived ostensibly alone for the best part of 10 years, I love being alone too. I have started a reflective piece on happiness and contentment and will share that when I am back in Brisbane. In fact I will probably finish writing it on the plane when I am alone but in close proximity to the person in the seat next to me. J

I have lunch with one friend and dinner with another today so I guess it is time for moving on. How am I feeling today? Truly blessed! I hope that you are too!

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