Tasmania Day 15

What a superb day in Launceston! It must be around the predicted maximum of 24 degrees; there is more blue than any other colour in the sky and the gentle breathe of the breeze provides relief rather than any level of discomfort. I met an old friend, A, and we did the gorge walk again today, twice! The first time we went we get off road and did a small section that I believe was called the daffodil walk and found a tiny baby wallaby sitting by the path. Unafraid, it came towards us rather than taking flight. Clearly it had been fed by previous visitors!

We then proceeded to the area surrounding The Gorge Restaurant and found not one but two male peacocks strutting their stuff. Their show was spectacular and of course, I had left my camera behind because I had done this walk recently so we both took a number of shots on our phones (I’ll share one here when I work out how to get it off my phone!)

We had planned to walk to the basin and return and then walk further along the river but the perfectionist in me really wanted to get some peacock shots with my good camera so we walked back to our cars, picked up my camera and walked back. Of course, despite cajoling, the performance was over for today.

It was great to catch up with A, who has been reading my blog with interest. I was also very interested to hear her perceptions and perspectives so we both thoroughly enjoyed our day.

My time in Tasmania is drawing to a close (flying out in just over 48 hours). Coming back here has reawakened loads of memories, opened and closed a few old war wounds and overall given me a high level of acceptance and appreciation. It won’t be long before I come back again. I have way too much time to catch up on with people in this part of the world!

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