Tasmania Day 13

Today had a lazy start which was just what I needed. Having been ‘doing’ pretty much all the time I have been here in Tassie, a chance to catch my breath was welcomed. Then a lovely friend, J, picked me up for a road trip and lunch. We headed north east and lunched at Piper’s Brook Vineyard. I would highly recommend that as a place to go. Food and wine were lovely and the service was excellent. The place is itself is atmospheric with a feeling of French provincial.

J and I then headed to the beach. J is a real estate agent and was showing me that you can buy water front in Tasmania at the seaside town of Lulworth for under $230 000.00. I have to say that I was impressed but having just bought in Sydney, even that is out of the question at the moment! We have often thought we would like to buy here and spend half of our time in retirement in Tasmania and half in Queensland… Maybe a plan for the future?

J and I then explored the areas around Weymouth and Tam O’Shanter Bay. These are not areas that I knew well when I lived here but the afternoon was thoroughly enjoyable.

Tomorrow I will be visiting with my supervisor from when I first worked as a scientist. He was the person who instilled in me my love of Haematology. I think too often that we don’t tell people how important they are / were in our lives and I am looking forward to the opportunity to let him know what an impact he had on me.

I am then going to take myself to the W A G Walker Rhododendron Gardens at Lalla. I feel a half day of photography coming on!

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