Tasmania Day 11

Sitting in a café in Launceston waiting on lunch and the Tasmania I was expecting is here. Not only am I not cold for the first time since I arrived, I am positively warm. I am sitting in Yorktown Square. It is a spot that I never really frequented but always liked when I was here. Clearly form the relative number of people here to elsewhere in Launceston, people still don’t frequent this area often.

We farewelled Dolphin Sands yesterday. I had a lovely walk on the beach before leaving. It was cold and blustery; the ravages of the storm still well apparent with no blue at all in the sea but the distressed mutton birds were either flown away or out of their misery so it was a much easier place to be. The sea had grafittied seaweed on the sand and the foam still remained. The beauty of The Hazards cast their spell. Out of the wind, the day was superb.

Larger than life Tasmanian icon normally axe wielding David Foster is sitting at the table next to mine and he is charming all of those around. I had seen the ‘man-mountain’ order in front of me but not realised who he was. Clearly, from his interactions with all around, his persona as well as his prowess are the stuff of his legend.

Mostly from here on, my Tasmanian adventure will be about people. Tonight I am headed off to our Wine Tasting Group. I still say ‘our’ despite our 20+ year absence from the group. I am well aware that tonight, it will be like I never left.

This afternoon, I am meeting my dear friend, Mil (not her real name but the name I have called her since I first met her in 1977). To her I am Maud. We country cousins are set for a walk around the Tamar River foreshore to Seaport. Seaport did not exist in my Launceston but its presence is a welcome addition for both locals and visitors alike, a truly lovely spot.

My catch up with Mil and visit to Seaport beckons….

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