Tasmania Day 7

Sitting here at the home of some lovely friends, I revel in the solitude of the early morning. The sky is brilliant blue and the sea looks inviting though every ounce of common sense says that it must be freezing cold. The friends with whom I am staying live on a hill, on the outskirts of Burnie with panoramic views of Bass Strait. It feels like Heaven to sit and watch the world go by and I cherish the opportunity to be able to do so. Sometimes life just feels good!

My jaunt to Penguin yesterday was lovely. The town is tiny and picturesque, a postcard of a sea-side village. I purchased a small penguin and took a series of photos of ‘The Penguin from Penguin’. Chatting to some locals, they seemed to think this was an odd thing to be doing. I have to say I am surprised. I would have thought that was a common thing to do. I was surprised at the limited opportunity to buy penguins from Penguin; but then the tourist traffic was, well it was probably just me! Anyway Princess Lily Flippers (the penguin) and I had a lovely time. We visited the church, the fire station, the railway station, the visitor’s centre, the childcare centre, the cenotaph; we took photos on the beach, in the trees, near (or on) the giant penguin statues. In fact, I will delight in writing a small book for my young friend, chronicling the life of Princess Lily Flippers before she came to live with Freya. In fact, I would say that Lily and I took more time in Penguin than most: a pity; it really is a beautiful place!

The household is stirring now, some three hours after I first moved, I am looking forward to going out and about today. It’s going to be another lovely day!

2 thoughts on “Tasmania Day 7

  1. Having grown up in Tassie too, I can’t wait to read your daily adventures each morning. I feel like a kid wanting to read the next chapter of this exciting unravelling daily adventure! I know and love all the places you have been to Annie. Reading your posts brings back so many wonderful memories of childhood and the easy going uncomplicated lifestyle of Tassie, hmm. I’m sure this holiday is truely refreshing your mind, cleansing your soul and raising your spirit too! I feel good just reading your posts! Enjoy Awesome Annie. Dave xx

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