Tasmania Day 6 – Launceston

I left Launceston in 1992, intending at that point to be gone for a year and to then re-settle and pick up our life where we’d left off. That didn’t happen and it is now more than 20 years since I called Launceston home.
My first stop today was at the cenotaph for the Remembrance Day service. There were only a handful of people there; I’d say less than 100 but it had all of the ceremony of bigger city events. I am not sure as I have gotten older why Remembrance Day and Anzac Day are important to me. I just know that they are. I have no personal connection to the armed services but feel an immense amount of compassion for those who do.

After the service I wandered the streets of Launceston briefly. The mind is a curious thing and I am quite used to chance sightings of people that I know when I come back home but today I found myself looking at the faces of ladies with young children, looking for familiar faces. I was a young mum when I left but certainly have not considered myself as a young mum for many years. My daughter is now the age that I was when I had her, so, in those faces, I was more likely to see her contemporaries than my own. It made me really think about what memories are and clearly, for me, they are significantly more about people than the more abstract aspects such as experiences or amazing sites.

Anyway, despite a lack of familiar faces, I thoroughly enjoyed my short jaunt into Launceston and am now sitting in a café at Deloraine. Deloraine, on the river, is half way between Launceston and Devonport, picturesque and lovely. I have had a lovely lunch. I so enjoy eating out alone. I probably enjoy it more with my trusty computer. My computer ensures that I don’t appear to be eaves dropping on those around me. I can’t tell you the content of their conversations but I do enjoy watching the interactions between people who are strangers to me. In my travels, I am drawn most to faces. I love to imagine the stories behind the lines on the faces. I love to watch pure joy on the face of a young child. It takes so little to elicit that reaction from a small child!

In my dream world, I would be a travel writer and photographer. I am guessing that I am not the only person with those aspirations and that many of we such dreamers create our own destiny by blogging.

I am now heading off to Penguin. Penguins are my favourite creatures and I have a sizeable collection of everything penguin. Penguins are loyal, dependable, resilient, adaptive, patient and charismatic. I have no doubt that if they weren’t quite so penguin-like, they would rule the world. I have a young (3yo) friend who shares my passion for penguins. My aim is to find her a penguin from Penguin and take a few photos to share with her.

It’s time for moving on!

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