Let me first say that I have committed to post every day in November. This may mean that some of the topics are obscure. I’ll do my best but if you would like to hear my thoughts on anything in particular, please leave me a comment.

Today, first day of holidays and I feel GREAT! After a minor hiccup yesterday, I feel totally wound down. Have had a lovely day. It was derailed by a number visitors who interrupted my cleaning and tidying industry but I have to say, the interruptions were very welcome!

First, my brother A came to visit unexpectedly. That was lovely, we haven’t seen each other for several months so he was very welcome! We caught up on each other’s lives and enjoyed I enjoyed the morning immensely.

Next came the pool man. Now the pool man is the man who built our pool 17 years ago. He has come back on multiple occasions over the last 17 years and today he was looking into a leak in our solar heating. He is one of those larger than life people who always leave you smiling; definitely not anyone to be taken too seriously but a person who makes me smile.

While the pool man was here, S and C arrived. They will be moving in this week as they anticipate the completion of their first home. They are coming home to save some money for the last weeks of building. Looking forward to having them immensely!  I guess any mum loves it when their children come back home for a stint. I like my solitude but I love my children. I suspect though that this may be the last return for S and C as they will soon be proud home owners. I especially love to have all of the family here at the same time though the house does start to bulge at the seams!

Now S had his jet ski in tow (on its trailer) when he arrived. He was doing a bit of work on it out the front of the house. It took less than five minutes for a couple of the neighbourhood men to appear and we all stood outside chatting for quite some time. I love our neighbourhood. We have the best neighbours and neighbourhood imaginable.

As you can guess from my post, I didn’t achieve nearly what I wanted to achieve today and tomorrow’s invited guests?  Well, they will just have to take things as they come!

Have a great day!

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