Baby Steps, Giant Milestones

So I have now been travelling along the pathway to awesome (health, fitness, joie de vivre) for around 24 weeks. I was just doing some gentle walks for the first 2 weeks but 22 weeks ago today, I signed onto my 12 week weight loss programme.

And what a 24 weeks this has been! From a depression perspective, my improvement has been mostly highway driving, though I have gotten lost on side roads on a couple of occasions. The side roads have been meandering country roads where I just lost track of time and myself through to a couple of trips down dark windswept cliff top roads where all I could hear was the sound of the wind.

All of those roads have led me to today and today is a day for taking stock, recording a few KPIs and celebrating!

Today at work I took a photo of myself with a 20kg box of reagents. Now, WH&S says that I can’t lift that box. It is simply too dangerous. Today at weigh in, I had lost exactly that box in weight. So, although today I must not risk injury by carrying that weight, six months ago and for the best part of the previous 10 years, I carried that 20 kg with me everywhere, every second of every day. Now  I had suffered joint pain, stiffness, difficulty in walking up and down stairs and reconciled living with this ‘arthritis’ because my mum had arthritis and clearly that was my cross to bear as it had been hers. Surprise, surprise, as the weight loss continued my ‘genetic’ condition has disinherited me.

This week I passed the 300 kilometre mark from where I started. When I shared this with G, he likened my journey to a trip in Tasmania. “Well that’s Hobart to Launceston and on to Devonport.” he said. “Soon I’ll be right off the island,” I said. That is very symbolic for me as the further I travel, the harder it is to find my way back, not that I want to!

What an AWESOME day!

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps, Giant Milestones

  1. Congratulations Anne. It’s wonderful that you are feeling so many physical and psychological benefits from your great efforts.

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