The Present

Over a period of approximately 15 years, depression had become almost a way of life.  Every aspect of life was shrouded in a pervading  fog. I could be outwardly happy but always there lingered a sadness, sometimes a niggle, sometimes a tidal wave.  Earlier this year I retracted the permission I had given myself to remain depressed. Although this sounds so simple in writing, in fact it has been the greatest challenge of my life and amongst my proudest achievements. It has been a very personal achievement and a very significant battle. My short answer to how is that I accepted contentment and that I am worthy of happiness. When I write that it sounds so simple! This is my story.

4 thoughts on “The Present

  1. So glad you are coming out of it Anne. You seemed the most unlikely person to suffer from depression, but of course so many unlikely people do. Thanks for embarking on this blog. I will share your thoughts with another friend who has the same problem.

    • Thanks Christine. Very happy for you to share my thoughts. My issue at least in part was/is my perspective on things. Hopefully my questioning of my own thought processes may help your friend to do the same.

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